913 W 5th St. Marysville, OH 43404 
Service 10AM Sunday

I'm New!

As a first step, we encourage you to simply get to know us. Hang out with us.  Understand that relationships take time and learning a new church family also takes time. But as you spend time with us, the Lord is going to do something powerful! This is a new season for you. Allow the Lord to speak into your life at this moment in time. Allow God to love you; allow Him to heal your heart in a new environment.

With that said, the first steps would certainly involve exploring the following areas so that you can feel connected:

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Sunday Worship

When you come to our 10:00 AM Sunday worship service, expect the following:


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In addition to gathering for Sunday worship, our church values small groups that meet throughout the week. Many of these groups meet in homes. Small groups of this nature are the meat and potatoes of any vibrant body of Christ. While we encourage weekly attendance in our Sunday services, the real “meat” is found in the relationships forged in small groups. Let’s do life together!

Learn More About Us

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If you're having trouble connecting, we would like to help you! Contact our Connections Ministry Leader, Susan Kaiser!