This week’s Vineyard distinctive is one that John Wimber referred to as The Main and the Plain.

The main & the plain has a crucial application in “defining” us.

If the main & plain means sticking with the main things that are taught in scripture, and the things that are plainly taught in scripture, they must also define our priorities, values, our vision and purpose (why New Life Vineyard exists), and the way we “do church”.

God hates the present condition of the world, and the influence which the enemy of God, Satan, has over people. But through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, God launched a divine invasion to overthrow evil, and established his loving and powerful rule, His Kingdom in the world.

Jesus is our primary model and we will seek to do all the stuff that he did and commanded us to do. This includes casting out demons, healing the sick, saving people who are lost and bringing them to an intimate relationship with God. And then become disciples making disciples.

Simply put, we believe in the bible, what it says, and how it teaches us to direct our lives. And we keep it simple, plain. We don’t need to read too much into what is on the page; the bible gives clear, defined counsel, and, if we follow it, we know that we are living Christ-like lives.

Here is Eleanor Mumford, wife of Vineyard UK director John Mumford, telling us about The Main and The Plain