Thus far in this series on Vineyard Distinctives we’ve covered The Already and the Not Yet, Everyone Gets to Play, The Main and the Plain, Come, Holy Spirit, A Worshiping Community, and Remember the Poor. This week’s distinctive is that we are Naturally Supernatural. What follows is an article on this distinctive from Leeds Vineyard’s website:

A person who is following hard after Jesus hears from God and prays for people in a naturally supernatural way.

What does that look like? Having been rescued by God we are filled with the Holy Spirit who begins to transform us through the grace and love of God, and at the same time he opens our eyes to what God is already busy doing in our families and neighbourhoods and amongst our friends and colleagues to rescue and restore and transform them. He gives each of us a part to play in his rescue mission. The outcomes of being naturally supernatural we see in the lives of people following Jesus will vary, but might include:

– looking out actively to see what the Father is doing in order to join in with it,because we know that it is God who acts and that he is at work everywhere and all the time – at home, at work, in our neighbourhoods, amongst friends, at weekly worship, on the street, in the train and so on

– taking risks when being prompted by God to do so in order to bring God’s love, mercy and grace to people by praying for them – their physical/emotional/spiritual health or praying for change/transformation in their circumstances or

– sharing a God-given word or picture with them using everyday language to talk about what God is doing without emotional manipulation or hype,

– assessing change as a result of prayer in a neutral way and helping people to deal with disappointment when prayer isn’t answered immediately

– surrendering all of our gifts and talents to God for him to use to impact the lives of those who do not know him yet

– so that the whole of our life is infused with the Holy Spirit, we ask the Holy Spirit to impact and transform the way we work,the way we relate to our families/friends/colleagues/strangers, the way we spend our recreation time, the way we rest

How does it come about? The way we see that becoming deeply rooted in people’s lives includes:

– Practicing in ‘safe places’ like housegroups by:

– using the 5-step prayer model to pray for physical/emotional healing or for transformation in each others’ circumstances

– asking God for pictures/words/images for each other and sharing these in smaller groups

– using the 4 Rs prayer model to pray through past or current emotional hurt or feelings of guilt

– sharing stories of following God’s prompting in our everyday life

– housegroup leaders asking people about their experiences with the Holy Spirit and being transformed by him

– running partners encouraging each other to keep looking for what God is doing and then to act on the prompting

– spending time regularly in prayer and reading the Bible to speak to God and to get to know the Father’s heart for people

– talking regularly to God about the people in our lives

– setting examples in weekly worship and housegroups of listening for God’s prompting and acting on it

– sharing stories at formal events and via the website about what God has been doing

– taking part in organised corporate events such as “hearing from heaven” or “healing on the streets”