Hi guys! 

While we are stuck at home Deral and I wanted to share 30 activities you could do together or as a family.

We suggest making a plan to do something fun together every day. Some are still working while others are working from home and others are off work. This is a great adjustment for us all. We encourage you to take the time to connect with each other.

  1. Do a Bible study together. Study up on a particular topic. 
  2. Have a prayer time together. Pray over everyone’s concerns.
  3. Board game night – drag out all your old board games and play your way thru them. Make some snacks and have fun!  Play each game for about 15 – 20 minutes, then switch to the next game.
  4. Make dinner together – everyone has a part to do. Make the full meal, appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Pick a new recipe and be creative. Actually set the dinner table. You know you have time.
  5. Go for a walk outdoors- it’s not closed. Stop by the park and take a swing ride. Take your pup along.
  6. Reading night – everyone picks a book/magazine/article on line. Talk about what you read and what you liked about it.
  7. Make your favorite beverages together. Milkshakes, smoothies, hot chocolate, chocolate coke (remember that one) Make it fun!!
  8. Do a craft or home improvement project – everyone participates. 😊
  9. Organize one closet in everyone’s room. Donate the stuff you no longer want or need.
  10. Watch tv/Netflix/Hulu series you’ve been wanting to watch
  11. Write encouraging letters to your neighbors and post on their doors
  12. Have a spa night/ foot rubs/back massage/nail – mani/pedis
  13. Romantic night – plan for the kids to have a fort in their room and you do something fun together. You decide! 😊 hehe
  14. Begin to journal your covid-19 experience. Things you did to make it a meaningful time spent together.
  15. Decorate a bedroom door for everyone in the family/once a week. Tell them how important they are to your family. Encouraging notes. Teenagers need these notes at this time of the unknowns. They need to know you care about them and how they are feeling.
  16. Blind fold – cake baking Bake a cake together and each person gets a part to do blindfolded.  Have fun with it. 
  17. Put on music and have a dance party. You know you want to… Now’s your time.
  18. Video game night
  19. Workout together – do a new workout video – treadmill/sit ups make it fun
  20. Check in on your neighbors- give them a call/text. Run an errand for them if they are in need of supplies/meds.
  21. Text/email/facetime someone you haven’t seen in a while
  22. Do a puzzle together – it’ll be fun I promise
  23. Plan an outing you’d like to do in the summer together. Be detailed; be descriptive.
  24. Get out an old sheet and color a vacation scene on it. Beach vacation or a trip you took before that you loved. Kids love doing this.
  25. Have an old movie night. Everyone picks a movie and everyone watches them
  26. Minute to win it. Set up some games and do them together. These can be found on line. They are easy to set up
  27. Get outdoors and play a game. Basketball/baseball whatever games you like to do outdoors.
  28. National park – go for a hike
  29. Create a bucket list. Pick a bucket list idea that you could do soon and start planning. Think outside the box. Think large and small things.
  30. Dig out old photos and go thru them together.

Be blessed! God is with us and we are not alone…..

Leslee Carson, Marriage & Family Ministry Leader: leslee.carson15@gmail.com