For those who like lists, here are some prayer points to consider as we cry out to God:

  • Pray for friends and family who are grieving during a socially isolated time. Don’t forget to pray for Larry Ohnsman, who recently lost his wife Judy after a hard-fought battle with lymphoma, and JJ and Megan Hane, who are experiencing the devastation of miscarriage.
  • Pray for God’s protection for loved ones with weakened immune systems and underlying health conditions.

  • Pray for parents who are trying to work from home AND homeschool (not everyone is cut out for that).

  • Pray for children who count on school being their safe haven from dysfunctional home life and their main source of food.

  • Pray for our federal and state and city government and the decisions they have to make on our behalf, thankless and criticized as it may be.

  • Pray for employers trying to navigate fair conditions for their employees.

  • Pray for unemployment office workers as they try to serve the unemployed in this unprecedented climate.

  • Pray for health care professionals as they are on the frontlines, caring for people.

  • Pray for grocery store employees as they deal with the panicked public.

  • Pray for small business owners who are wondering whether or not they can reopen after this crisis.

  • Pray for delivery truck drivers who are under pressure to deliver to time and can’t even go through drive thru’s to get food while on the road.

  • Pray for teachers/professors/IT personnel who are working around the clock to make online school work for our kids.

  • Pray for the beautiful church families of Marysville, that we can stay relationally connected even while practice social distancing.

  • Pray that Christ followers will take this opportunity to promote the hope and peace of Jesus and look for ways to serve our neighbors.

There might be additional things you would pray for, and that’s great. Don’t stop praying, Christian brothers and sisters. Your God is with you. He loves you deeply and his ears are attentive to your prayers!

Shawna Pierce, Prayer Ministry Leader: