COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon.  Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that restrictions will get tighter and seen states like California shutting down once again and have become discouraged.  Or the new mask restrictions rub you the wrong way.  Perhaps you’re simply reeling at the state of our country or political atmosphere (or the state of your FaceBook or Instagram feed).  There’s a lot in our world to be discouraged over, I’m not going to deny that.  This is the time that staying close to our larger church community is vital.

At the beginning of the COVID lockdown, way back in March, Pastor Conrad offered up a challenge to contact five people a week from our congregation.  In this period, I believe that I grew closer to several members of our congregation; I found it funny that it took social isolation to become better friends with people that I had seen every week.  For me, at least, this challenge proved to be a blessing.  As time has gone on, however, I have fallen off on contacting my fellow church goers; I’m guessing that the same can be said of most people in our congregation.

I am, therefore, reissuing the challenge.  We need community, and there are quite of few of our regular attendees who will not be able to attend services until the COVID crisis is well and truly over due to health issues.  In addition, there are those who simply do not feel comfortable gathering with others on Sunday.  It is vital that we keep the line of communication open to all our church members to keep our church community strong.  Reach out to a church member today!  Text them, call them, put cookies on their front porch, and simply let them know that you miss them, are thinking of them, and love them.

How have you reached out to fellow church goers?  Have you had any special experiences related to being in community during COVID?  Let me know!  I’m excited to hear what The Lord has led you to do during this challenging time.