It’s lent and I am grumpy. I’ve learned that without sweets and fast food, I turn into a grumpy beast, especially when my husband brings home extra chocolaty, filled with the sweetest, creamiest cream long johns after a visit to McAuliffe’s (I’m looking at you, Tim Wallace, yes, you). Even when I have Sunday feast day to look forward to (We ate KFC this weekend and I might have had some Ben and Jerry’s – I might have). So one of the first lessons that I am learning this Lent is that I am flesh and blood, I am filled with desires and weaknesses for things that really are luxuries for the majority of the people in the world. In other words, I am a spoiled girl.




So I’ve realized that, now what?  Where do I go from here?  On the website, Deacon Greg Kanda has this to say about Lent: “Lent is about more than doing without. It is also about going within – looking more deeply at who we are, what we need. I think part of our Lenten experience should be not only spending time going hungry, but also confronting, in a stark and honest way, what feeds us – in every sense. What do we feel we can’t do without? What do we crave?”  What is it that I crave?  What is that deep thing within me that I need to recognize?  The practice of fasting serves to draw us inward so we can suss out those things, bring them to light, and turn them over to God.