Lead Pastor Job Description

Description: The Lead Pastor will serve as the spiritual leader of our church family, partnering closely with our Board of Elders. This person will lead the charge in providing overall vision, overseeing matters of church doctrine, administering spiritual ordinances, overseeing services and church gatherings, directing our ministries and discerning new initiatives, and any other matter reasonably connected to the spiritual leadership of the church will be the responsibility of the Lead Pastor.

Kingdom Vision and Blessing: The Lead Pastor has the privilege of shepherding the growth and development of the Body of Christ. This ministry position affords multiple opportunities to impact the future direction of the Vineyard Marysville Church, and also impacting the advance of God’s kingdom globally.


  1. Overseeing the primary vision and values of the church and taking steps toward growing the church in health and number. This will involve fervent prayer, along with continual discernment with Vineyard area pastors/coaches and our team of elders.
  2. Serving as the primary teaching/preaching pastor, overseeing the sermon content and schedule, and developing a team of gifted teachers and preachers.
  3. Overseeing leadership training and development for all ministry leaders.
  4. Providing staff oversight and support.
  5. Working closely with small group coordinators, the Lead Pastor will help oversee that our small group leaders are cared for and growing as pastoral leaders.
  6. Maintaining and growing mission-minded relationships with our community, our country, and our world. Among other things, this includes our established relationships with MAMA (Marysville Area Ministerial Association), the Hope Center. and Vineyard Mission Partnerships.
  7. Providing or overseeing basic pastoral care as needs arise, such as short-term pastoral counseling, officiating weddings and funerals, preparation for water baptisms, visiting people in hospitals, and providing pastoral care during times of crisis.

Practical Skills and Gifting: One who thrives and is actively growing in the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. A dynamic communicator who encourages and inspires others. A pastor of people; leader of leaders. They possess the following spiritual gifts: Pastoral leadership, administrative ability, preaching and teaching, gift of wisdom, and gift of faith.

Prerequisites: Understands and models Vineyard ministry values. Subscribes to the Vineyard USA statement of faith (, meets biblical qualifications for an elder, and tithes faithfully.

Time Requirement: This is a full-time paid position with an average commitment of 40 hours per week. The Lead Pastor will be expected to regularly lead Elder Board meetings, LC (Leadership Community) meetings, and small group leader training. Additionally, he/she will attend Sunday morning services & actively participate in a small group.

Commitment: This is an “at-will employment” position.



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Application is due by Sunday, January 22, 2023