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Vineyard Distinctives: The Main and The Plain

by Erin Wallace

This week’s Vineyard distinctive is one that John Wimber referred to as The Main and the Plain. The main & the plain has a crucial application in “defining” us. If the main & plain means sticking with the main things that are taught in scripture, and the things that are plainly taught in scripture, they […]

Vineyard Distinctives: The Already and the Not Yet

by Erin Wallace

As we continue our series on Vineyard Distinctives, we study the concept of The Already and the Not Yet. The Kingdom Not Yet While the kingdom of God was breaking into the world through Jesus, all human suffering, pain, and difficulty did not disappear. In fact, it still remains with us to this day. For […]

Vineyard Distinctives: Everybody Gets to Play

by Erin Wallace

Have you ever wondered what makes The Vineyard different from other churches? Have you ever been asked, “What do you guys believe,” and beyond talking about Jesus and the bible, not known what to say? I know that feeling. I grew up in the Methodist Church and Nazarene Church (my mom and dad’s churches, respectively) […]