Serving Opportunities

There are many serving opportunities within the Vineyard. Let us know if you’re interested in partnering with us to advance the kingdom of God in our city.

Connections Ministry


This ministry team makes sure our church is reaching out to our Vineyard guests both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. We want all newcomers to know the following: “You matter to us,” “There is a place for you here at the Vineyard,” and “We care enough to communicate who we are and what we’re about.”  We are seeking to grow in this vital area more and more. Please consider partnering with us to provide this kind of personal touch to our guests, offering the welcome of the kingdom!

Denise Mast, Connections Ministry Leader:

Outreach Ministry


We believe that God is calling and drawing ordinary people (like you and me) into a vital relationship with Himself! That is why we desire to fan the evangelistic vision of our church, to encourage local outreach initiatives, and provide training for our church in being a witness for the Lord Jesus. We believe the church is more effective when we get outside the four walls of the church facility and take the gospel to the streets. The Vineyard is positioned to not just grow through transfer growth but also through conversion growth, one person at a time! We invite you to partner with us!

Peggy Poling, Outreach Ministry Leader:

Prayer Ministry


We desire to be a church that ushers in God’s divine presence through Spirit-led prayer. We realize our desperate need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit if we’re going to be the church Jesus called us to be. With that said, we train our people to take kingdom risks and learn to serve others through freely offering prayer ministry and healing prayer. Since the overall health and growth of the church is out of our hands, we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit. So we pray, “Come, Holy Spirit”, and we pray, “Lord Jesus, have your way in us today!”

Eric Snook, Prayer Ministry Leader: